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Welcome to the ‘Young Collectors’ Weekend’!

Welcome to the ‘Young Collectors’ Weekend’!

by Teesta Bhandare January 28 2022, 12:00 am Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins, 57 secs

Indian millennials are a force to be reckoned with, writes Teesta Bhandare, while introducing readers to the online art festival, taking place from the 28 to 30 January 2022.

They cannot be ignored, socially, politically or culturally. In his debut book, ‘What Millennial What author’, Vivan Marwaha notes that India’s 404 million millennials are the world’s largest vote bank, in fact the largest generation of people in the world. Outside of their political power, they play an integral role in shaping the cultural landscape of India.

The “new normal” caused by the devastating Coronavirus pandemic has pushed the world and its activities further into the online space. This large-scale shift applies to the art industry as well. In many ways, it democratized access art, making it accessible to millennial collectors and art enthusiasts. A statement by the auction house, Sotheby’s in August 2020 revealed that millennials made up 30% of its online sales amounting to USD 285 million in the year 2020. To put it in perspective, millennial sales at Sotheby’s for the preceding year accounted for USD 23 million. 

Millennials appreciate and clearly want to collect art. A 2020 study from Art Basel and UBS bank noted that 70% of millennials felt optimistic about collecting art. With a significant majority of the interviewed millennials stating that for them collecting art was based on a two-fold agenda, with the intention of pursuing works that were aesthetically appealing and viable investments.  

The Young Collectors’ Weekend, which opens online on January 28 and runs through January 30, 2022 understands the Indian millennials’ desire to engage with the art market. You can explore here:

It provides avenues for new collectors to engage with contemporary Indian artists. On display at this online group show are 15 contemporary and cutting edge Indian artists selected for their skill, vision and point of view. The exhibition seeks to create a dialogue between collectors and artists so collections and practices can evolve simultaneously. With the budding collector in mind, works offered on display are at affordable price points. 

The 15-featured artists, including Sujith S.N, Al Qawi Nanavati, Shivangi Ladha and Sheena Bajaria, vary in their choice of medium, years of practice and subject matter. What connects them is their vision for an interpretation of contemporary India? The works can resonate with any Indian of that generation and thereby strike common ground between the millennial artist and millennial collector.  

The Young Collectors Weekend also offers additional programming in the form of master classes and panel discussions to assist young collectors in their acquisition journey. Industry professionals and fellow collectors from across the world will lead these talks. Through ‘Young Collectors Weekend’ we are able to bring to collectors advice from various sources. Our aim is to enable individuals make informed decisions, and also to learn from them.

I am organizing Young Collectors’ Weekend in collaboration with Cultivate Art.  As a young collector myself, I can relate to the question that so many of us face: “Where do I begin?” 

In the relatively short time since I began collecting art, I have focused on living artists. My journey began in India and has since expanded to artists in China, Italy, the UK and the US.  Throughout this exciting journey of discovery, I have seen my collection evolve and change much in the way an artist’s practice does. To see the same artist create two drastically different pieces is fascinating because of its unpredictability and sheer creative force. When I embarked on my journey as a collector, I had to conduct my own research on artists and galleries. I focused on acquiring pieces that suited my aesthetic preferences but would also stand the test of time should I wish to resell them. 

I am thrilled that some of the artists who form a part of my own personal collection are also featured in the group show, such as Harisha Chenangod, Purvai Rai and Digbijayee Khatua. We are also bringing the expertise of Farah Siddiqui Khan, a professional in the global art industry who has over 20 years of experience. She has assisted both seasoned and emerging collectors and artists. Having her as the backbone of Cultivate Art and Young Collectors Weekend provides valuable reassurance to collectors looking to enter the market.   

Young Collectors Weekend appreciates the desire of young Indians to engage with the art industry and provides a platform for just that. It intends to become a recurring and regular event that spotlights different artists and stakeholders within the industry to provide a holistic avenue of entry to the art market. 

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