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"Who Killed Judge Loya?” (Remember this is not fiction!)

by Darshan Mondkar May 26 2022, 12:00 am Estimated Reading Time: 1 min, 51 secs

The prologue itself is an unapologetic foray in Niranjan's state of mind, as he must have started penning down his story, writes Darshan Mondkar

Niranjan Takle opens his book with a massive uppercut and from there on it’s a series of blows, which will punch you hard in your gut and make you sit up and wince.

His story, the book is not a bunch of conjectures and not a leading account of one of the biggest mysteries in India, neither is it a finger pointing exercise meant to settle scores with anyone. It is Niranjan's story - of what he had to endure and how he went about enduring it, as he broke and subsequently followed up the story of Judge Loya's mysterious death.

As you join Niranjan in his journey of weaving in and out of this web of deceit, the lines between the reader and the author are blurred and you become Niranjan, the journalist. You wince as he tries his best against the odds, you are exhilarated at every new lead he gets and you are dismayed when that lead is cut off abruptly.

The language is kept simple enough to make it an easy read for everyone and yet rich enough to not make the book come across as amateurish.

Towards the end of the book, you can almost feel the sigh of hopelessness that the author has generated towards the system and yet you can sense the existential light at the end of the tunnel that any fighter would see to keep him going strong. Niranjan is definitely one of these fighters and the book needs to be read far and wide by everyone, especially by those who want to know what investigative journalism really means.

Of course, I am not going to give the details of the story that has been written. For that you need to buy it and take yourself on one of the most thrilling experiences you can ever imagine - and remember...

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