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by Monarose Sheila Pereira October 2 2022, 12:00 am Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins, 45 secs

On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, which is also celebrated now as the International Peace Day, Monarose Sheila Pereira speaks to professionals to find out their answer to the above question. Tune in to what they have to say.

Prof. Amir Ahmed Khan, BAMMC Coordinator - Rizvi College, Certified Career Counselor, Business Consultant, Social Media Marketer

Definitely yes! World peace is the concept of an ideal state of peace among all people and nations without any wars. With world peace, we are free to visit any country of our choice. It also contributes to the exchange and promotion of Business, Education, Technology, Cultures, Religions, Philosophies and many more valuable concepts.

Historically our world has always engaged in wars at regular intervals, but a majority of times peace has prevailed. We had great personalities in human history who have worked hard to maintain peace all the times, e.g. Gautam Buddha, Prophet Mohammad, Sai Baba, Guru Nanak, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and many more unknown heroes who have advocated for peace. With our collective efforts, we can minimize conflicts and maintain peace all the time.

Archana Pania Sharma, Radio Jockey

Peace is a state of mind. With the degree of distraction with the super intrusion of technology, it's tough to keep peace without these distractions and at a mass level the state of the human mind is way more in stress and limbo than it's ever been.

But peace is also a human being's natural state of being... and for those who realise, the STRUGGLE should NEVER BE REAL; because that will never get us anywhere. Hence if the world needs to gravitate towards peace it needs to pursue acts like meditation, togetherness, seek joy in each other's happiness and in general be at equanimity with each other.

Dr. Nirmala Rao, Psychiatrist and Corporate Trainer

Yes, peace seems to be on paper more than in reality. Everyone seems to chase peace and it has become an oasis in the desert. More and more centres have opened up to enrich people's lives in the form of exercises, diet, yoga, meditation, nature walks, trekking, travels etc. Overthinking has become the norm leading to over analysing of all issues causing stress. Social Media is causing anxiety, comparisons and distress, but it has also become a necessity in our lives. Uncertainty and helplessness has become pervasive in our lives while we all search and look for certainty, which is also responsible for lack of peace. Everyone needs to develop clarity of their own objectives and carve out a path to follow for one’s self, not necessary to follow someone else's route! Peace has become elusive in today's time.

Satish Vyas, Santoor Maestro

My answer is: Yes and No. In today's Kalyug people have become extremely restless and have ceased to listen and stick to their inner voice and swadharma of peace. This is why the world now is full of negative energy due to vibrations emanating from widespread violence, sorrow, suffering, pain and anxiety. The human being's biggest trait is ego and everyone is struggling to become powerful, which results in anxiety.

Look at the Ukraine and Russia war. In day to  day lives human beings generally keep comparing what the other person has which he or she does not have - that again results in loss of peace of mind. In view of these points it is very difficult to have peace in today's world but as Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘THERE IS NO WAY TO PEACE BUT PEACE IS THE WAY’.

It is possible to have peace in today's world if we human beings eliminate the negative circles of our concerns and conflicts, by expanding the positive circles of peace, harmony and happiness in our minds. To achieve this, there is the urgent need for collective practice and cooperative promotion of India's rich culture and heritage of spiritual wisdom, meditation, universal values, simple, positive and healthy lifestyles and last but not the least involvement in Indian Classical Music.

Susan Coelho, Musician, Music Instructor to US students

Yes, Peace does have a chance in today's world, though we are surrounded with war-like situations. This too shall pass, and we will have peace again. Humans have always coped, we have survived both world wars. Yes one shouldn't ignore the fact that lives have been lost, which no amount of money can replace. But yet I say, yes there is hope for peace in today's times.

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